About Contempora

Contempora Serviced Apartments Milano

We have been in the temporary housing market since 1973 with Elvezia Park Apartments, in central Milan, to manage the Brenta family’s real state. In 2013 the appointment of our current CEO Lorenzo Brenta marked the beginning of a new business era. Throughout the years we have been steadily increasing the number of properties under management and expanding our corporate client portfolio. Contempora is currently one of Northern Italy’s market leader for corporate rentals and is looking to grow towards new market segments and opportunities both in Europe and other continents.

Our Mission:

Our aim is to make our guests feel right at home. We carefully select spacious apartments strategically located, which we fully appoint and furnish in a modern yet comfortable style. We take care of all the details and the nitty gritty of renting and managing, so that our clients can just focus on their professional or social engagements.

Our Philosophy:

To provide our guests with temporary residential accommodations that better suit their needs, tastes and budgets. By choosing one of our facilities, our clients will be able to enjoy high standard cleaning, laundry, maintenance, entertainment and communication services. Constantly searching for the best and most innovative solutions available in the market, our company continues to steadily grow and expand so as to offer our clients only the best.