Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Courtesy Translation of the Terms and Conditions:

The undersigned - Client - accepts the Residential Services offered by Contempora s.r.l. through the use of the Residential Unit indicated in the Definitions table above, to be used exclusively as a dwelling for the persons indicated, and subject to the following:

1. Additional guests will be announced by the Client in writing in advance of their arrival, and similarly identified with the details provided for this reservation. The Client undertakes, personally and for the other guests, under penalty of termination of this contract, not to host overnight other people in addition to those named and not to permit third parties to use of the apartment above.

2. The Client intends to use the Residential Services for the period indicated in the reservation. The commitment to use the Residential Services is monthly, extendable for additional periods of one month automatically in the absence of cancellation, which must take place with notice received at least 29 days before the end of the last intended period. The Monthly Fee for Residential Services has been agreed in the reservation. This fee was agreed on the basis of the permanence declared by the Client, even if only indicative. It follows that, if the Client cancels ahead of schedule, the monthly fee will be supplemented on the basis of the published price list and the discounts provided. The sums thus due will be paid by the Client to Contempora s.r.l. within 8 days from the communication to Contempora s.r.l. of early withdrawal.

3. The Monthly Fee is calculated and established per month and not per day. It matures at the beginning of each month of use of the Residential Services and for the entire month, regardless of actual use. The Client undertakes to pay to Contempora s.r.l. the Monthly Fee in advance of the period to which it refers, on the first day of the month. The Client also undertakes to pay to Contempora s.r.l. the possible integration of the Monthly Fee if the Client had to withdraw in advance from the provisions of art. 2 above.

4. The Client undertakes not to withhold or delay the payment of the Monthly Fee for claims or exceptions of any kind, which the Client will be able to assert separately, provided that the Client is in compliance with such payments. Failure to comply with the payment terms beyond the conventional tolerance of 8 days, will result in the immediate termination of services and this agreement, with the consequent release of the apartment. In this case, Contempora s.r.l. is authorized to vacate the apartment from the Client's possessions and that of the other occupants and place them in a separate location without Contempora s.r.l. taking responsibility over such possessions.

5. The Monthly Fee referred to in art. 3 includes the following Residential Services:

a) The use of the furniture, equipment and accessories of the proprietor constituting the furnishing of the apartment, as per inventory, which will be kept by the Client with the best care and used according to the methods Contempora s.r.l. has prepared;
b) the provision of the following services that the Client will be required to use and accept as Contempora s.r.l. organized:
- reception service and information
- use of lifts
- television with central satellite antenna
- hot and cold water
- removal of household waste
- lighting and cleaning of common places
- maintenance of systems and furnishings
- electric / gas utility supplies
- municipal taxes and fees
- heating and cooling
- rearrangement and cleaning of the apartment
- change of bathroom linen
- change of bed linen
- use of the kitchen equipment.

6. The use of the following optional services will be paid separately with an invoice made out to the Client on the basis of the actual service, and according to the published rate card:

a) Parking space for cars;
b) Laundry / dyeing for personal belongings;
c) laundry and cleaning services for additional guests.

7. The Client acknowledges that Contempora s.r.l. is exonerated from responsibility for suspension or deficiency of any service or facility or for maintenance work, repairs or any other cause, for direct or indirect damages that may come to the Client due to third parties, or for any other reason and especially for theft.

8. The Client declares to be a guardian of the content of premises occupied by him, to have visited the apartment assigned to him and to have found it, as it really is, in a good state of maintenance. The client undertakes not to change the arrangement of furniture and furnishings and equipment; not to pierce the walls with nails and to change the color of the walls, and to return the premises in good condition, together with all the accessories (mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.). Failure to comply with this agreement will determine ipso jure the termination of the relationship for the Client's fault and at his expense pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code.

9. The Client undertakes to refund Contempora s.r.l., of any damage in the amount of the quote or invoice presented by the relevant suppliers at the time of replacement, plus 20% for Contempora s.r.l. general expenses, granting as of now the entire replacement of furnishings in case of burns or indelible stains, or the painting of the entire wall in case of punctures or stains.

10. As a guarantee for the good conservation of the apartment and its content, for the compensation of any damage caused and for the fulfillment of all the obligations arising from this commitment, the Client agrees to pay funds in an interest-free warranty deposit for the amount shown in the reservation, which will be returned to him within eight days from the termination of the Residential Services, provided that the assets under concession have not suffered any damage not attributable normal wear and tear (Article 1590 of the Civil Code) and that he has observed all the obligations of this agreement; otherwise the appropriate compensations will be made.

11. The Client acknowledges that Contempora s.r.l. will open the Apartment door using a passepartout key for the performance of the Residential Services and any maintenance required by the apartment.

12. The Client also notes that Contempora S.r.l. has the right, upon giving notice, to visit the apartment at any time and carry out innovations, repairs, and works in general without the obligation of compensation.

13. The Client acknowledges that failure to comply twice with even one of the above commitments, will result in the termination of the Residential Services.

14. The Residential Unit is deemed to be a C.A.V. as defined in the Lombardy Regional Law 15/2007, and all prices and fees are subject to 10% V.A.T. This letter is subject to registration only in case of disagreement.