Maximise your rental income with Contempora

What we do?

We mainly serve multinational and large companies in their growing needs of temporary housing for middle and top level managers. We welcome guests in apartments managed by our company in various areas of central Milan. Once in-house, we remain in constant contact and provide services such as concierge, cleaning, laundry and maintenance. We often receive income above average for property owners, maintaining a higher flexibility to temporarily use the apartments or to repossess them indefinitely. We provide constant reports so as to keep landlords informed on the various aspects of their property, most importantly income generation. Our clientele is stable as it usually stays with us for months at a time. This allows lower maintenance costs, less impact on neighbours and benefits both our guests and property owners. 


  • Marketing: Contempora has a long-standing institutional clientele, linked to large companies that are increasingly in need of temporary accommodation for their executives. On average, our customers stay for 4 months. They hardly stay with us less than a month and may extend the duration beyond 2 years. Contempora promotes the apartments it manages with its communication programs, which are primarily based on direct contact with employees of client companies. We also use all the means that technology makes available today to guarantee the highest level of occupancy and, hence, income.
  • Management: Contempora handles all the necessary steps to accommodate its guests, such as administrative aspects, services, refurbishments and accessories. Careful management of customer needs is one of our distinctive features, both for the level of the clientele we host and for the high degree of maintenance we provide to our hosts. We deliver landlords regular reports regarding the occupancy of the apartment as well as the economic and financial performances of our management.

  • Maintenance: Contempora is responsible for planning and managing all aspects related to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the apartments under management. As opposed to other temporary rental options, Contempora’s apartments are both maintained and returned in perfect conditions. Our company has experience in solving technical, aesthetic and functional problems through the collaboration of professional craftsmen and maintainers which we obtain at advantageous conditions compared to the retail customer.

Why us?

  • Presence: Our extensive market-presence as well as our innovative and clear marketing strategies have led our company to obtain extraordinary visibility and unique credibility within the market of serviced apartments in Northern Italy.
  • Experience: We have been in business since 1973. We have seen both positive and negative economic cycles but our expertise and know-how have led us to obtain customers who appreciate and respect our services as we offer a proper balance between costs and revenues. This is all available to you.
  • Clientele: Throughout the years, we have been able to cultivate a stable and high-end clientele, mainly conformed by market leader companies, who continue to choose us, thus, endorsing our services over time.
  • Know-how: Our team relies on highly specialized technicians, salesmen, marketers, administrators, architects and interior designers with in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding their respective sectors.
  • Prudence: We know the value of money. We are not a richly funded start up that allows huge losses and can make many mistakes. We work passionately and carefully manage your real estate investment, your savings as if they were ours.